FDDPlus.com™ Terms of Service

Fast Document Delivery Plus™ (FDDPlus™) is the process by which Senders can Send documents and files (FDDs) electronically to Recipients via the Internet. FDDPlus has complied with all FTC regulations for electronic disclosure since it was approved as Franchise.com in early 2001. Each party agrees that in performance of this Agreement it will comply fully with all existing laws, rules and regulations.

How It Works

All files are the Senders which are uploaded in a .pdf format into their Sender Account on the FDDPlus server(s). Only the Sender or their designated representatives can send FDDs through their account. Sender receives email notifications when an FDD is sent, accepted and opened. If Sender has Adobe Acrobat Standard software which allows for their creation of .pdf documents they may select when ordering service to sign up for "FDDPlus Partial" Self Upload Service. If the Sender does not have Adobe Acrobat Standard software then they may decide to sign up for FDDPlus "Full" Set Up Service whereby our staff converts their file into .pdf format and uploads it on their behalf into their account on the FDDPlus server(s). Service Resellers may provide this service in lieu of FDDPlus Staff. Explanation of both service levels follow.

Service Levels

When signing up with FDDPlus the Sender determines how many to FDD Sends to pay for in advance. Larger volume Senders will have heavily discounted rates per Send. Prepaid Sends never expire and can be used in future years.

"Partial" Account - Self Upload - Annual Reduced Fee Includes Archiving of All FDD Files

Sender assembles its own documents into a single PDF file.

Client uploads FDD documents into their account on FDDplus.com.

Client sets the document status to Active

Document is immediately available for sending.

"Full" Setup Account - Staff Upload - Annual Fee Includes Archiving of All FDD Files

FDDPlus assembles documents and files sent to then by the Sender and converts them into PDF file format.

If requested key pages in large files will be bookmarked for ease in negotiating thru the large document. Senders when needing the document to be book-marked must supply a listing of key page/bookmark titles similar as to that used in a Table of Contents.

Sender also advises when the Document should be automatically archived. All FDDs without a designated date archive by default one year from the date of upload.

If requested the PDF files can be encrypted with a password so the file cannot be edited but can be printed. Keep in mind that Recipients can only login into FDDPlus if you provide their email address which becomes their user name. Recipient then selects a password. Encrypted requires a special password whereby the Recipient can not edit and change the file received. To do that the Recipient will need special software. Most recipients do not have that software. Many companies do have it. Most Senders do not encrypt their document files.

FDDPlus uploads the newly created PDF file to the Sender's account as a Pending FDD. The Sender is notified by email that the FDD is almost ready to send, and that he/she needs to log into their account to View and Approve its formatting. If acceptable and Sender changes its Status to Active.

FDDPlus uploads the newly created PDF file to the Sender's account as a Pending FDD. The Sender is notified by email that the FDD is almost ready to send, and that he/she needs to log into their account to View and Approve its formatting. If acceptable and Sender changes its Status to Active.

Document is immediately available for sending.

Full Setup Fee

FDDPlus assembles a file or uploads a file for the Company and converts it to PDF format or another format designated by the Company. The converted files are then uploaded to the Company's account as a Pending Document. Company contact is advised that the Document is awaiting activation.

Partial Setup Fee

Company assembles its own documents and uploads the document or file into their FDDPlus.com account. Once Company sets the document status to Active, the document is immediately available for delivery.

Send Fees

The Sends previously purchased do not expire. Once the prepaid block of sends has been exhausted the Company must purchase more "rights to send" online to send FDD invitations. If the account reaches zero available sends the Company will not be able to send their documents until more blocks of sends has been purchased. The Send Fee for replenishment will be charged based on the initial order and rate the Customer selected.

The Process

Upon receiving notification of a new online customer sign-up, a FDDPlus.com customer service representative activates the new FDD account for the Sender. When the documents have uploaded per the type of account selected and set to Active the Sender is able to send it. No FDDPlus representative will send documents to a recipient unless such action is requested by the Franchisor in writing. A an additional service fee may be charged the Sender.

When the document is sent, an email is sent to the prospect indicating that the Sender has sent them an "FDD Invite". This "Invitation" email contains a username and password that the prospect must use to log on to FDDPlus.com. The recipient must log on and agree to receive electronic documents before they are given access to the FDD. Once the recipient downloads the document their delivery status is set as "accepted." The first page of the FDD contains the e-signature link. When the prospect clicks on the e-signature link it triggers the email receipt which constitutes that the FDD has been opened. The receipt is emailed to everyone on the Sender's distribution list, listed within their E-Disclosure account on FDDPlus.com. The receipt is also noted within the system's "Sent Report".


The FDDPlus.com system provides reporting and tracking of Invitation emails that are sent and FDDs that are downloaded, accepted or revoked. In the "Sent Report" area of the Sender's account, all prospects that have been sent invitations and/or have downloaded and accepted the FDD in the previous 30 days are listed. To access the same reports for activity earlier than the last 30 days, the Sender may use the "Sent FDD Search" link to search by prospect's email address, first name, last name, and/or all activity within a specified date range.

Data Storage

All FDDs, recipient information and activity reports are historically stored on our secure servers that are backed up nightly for disaster recovery and are stored using Iron Mountain or Amazon.com.

Contract Termination

Sender may terminate this contract by submitting written notice to FDDPlus 30 days prior to the end of the year 1 contract period. All contracts automatically renew unless NG Franchise Services is notified in writing 30 days prior to renewal. All Prepaid Sends ordered are non refundable and will become available to Sender Client when Sender again signs back up for service and pays its annual fee.